Nadine's Favourite Denim Jeans

Did you know that Denim jeans were born in 1873? 

May 20, 1873 marked a very special day, the birth of the blue jean. Thank you to all the denim gods or Levi Strauss actually (Levi Jeans for those of us born this side of the 1800's). 

So, back to the point of this article - my ultimate favourite jean is one produced by Country Demin, Australia's own jean creator. 

These jeans are the most stretchy, comfortable and feel-good jeans that have ever had the honour of wrapping my legs, I mean not even my husband has the honour of doing this as much as my Country Denim jeans do. 

For this reason, we have the ultimate honour of having these beautiful staple jeans at Folk and Co. You are very welcome! 

Find all sorts of different shades and styles, here

Nadine x 

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