Wedding GUEST outfit, where do I start?

As I was sitting at the Feather Road Studios this morning, listening to Owner Ami and her partner Vicki chat about their upcoming wedding plans, it got me thinking - what the f$%k am I going to wear? You're right, I'm jumping the gun - I haven't even got an invitation yet (lol). 
In saying that, this is a very hot topic. 'Wedding Guest Outfit' has been googled over 230 million times and no wonder - with so many different themes and locations, it can get a bit crazy. We've got your back, we love to help dress and style our customers here at Folk and Co no matter the occasion and we've come up with our top tips to get started in planning for the big day. 
  • Wedding Theme / Attire - run straight to the theme/attire section of your wedding invitation and see what vision the couple has for their big day. Then, google the theme - I know, I know google is a mess, but just so you can get a visual of the type of event it might be. 
  • Location - is it a beach or country wedding? Is it in a chilled out venue or at parliament house? This will help you gauge the style of the location or venue. Again, google the venue and check out what the scene may look like. 
  • Plan a shopping day - make it fun, plan a shopping day and go try on as many dresses or outfits as you need. Let's make the most of it! 
  • Plan in advance - there is nothing like rushing to find a dress the day before the wedding. I experienced this first hand, I had to buy a dress from Myer the day before a wedding and walked in to find there were 4x other people wearing it LOL, I made it fun but I was secretly crying inside. 
If you've received that wedding invitation in the mail and you would love help to navigate that perfect wedding guest outfit, drop into the store and see the Folk and Co team. We love it!  
Love the Folk and Co girls 

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