Top Tips for first date outfits with Folk and Co

Firstly, let me tell you that this is one of the most searched questions on google, kid you not, there is over 264 million results - so let us give you our take, we won't make it long and drawn out, here are our top 4 tips. GO girl! 

4 TOP TIPS on choosing the best first-date outfit

  1. You are a f#$king catch - so however this date goes, just know that you the hottest thing out there inside and out (wink wink). 
  2. Dress for the occasion - scope out what you will be doing, where you will be going so you can dress to the occasion. Nothing like going to a mountain picnic in 6 inch heels now is there? (hehe). 
  3. Wear what you feel comfortable and beautiful in - we know our most trusted GF's can give their opinions on what is sexy and what is not, but ultimately this is your experience and your outfit - definitely turn to the GF's if you need it but ultimately, you do you babe! 
  4. Plan your outfit so you feel ready to roll - we say, start with the outfit (e.g. dress, denim and top) and then work your way down to the shoes. Once you have that sorted, hair style and make up options will follow.

The Folk and Co girls x

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