Aromacology Nurture Candle Large


A nourishing blend of Italian Orange, Cardamom and Vanilla. Nurture has remnants of that Italian holiday. 

iKOU Nurture blend includes the essential oil benefits of orange which is well known to promote feelings of happiness and calm (it's often described as the "no worries oil" ). It also includes cardamom essential oil which is often used to treat exhaustion from stress and uplift the mood.

This comforting fragrance combination of fresh,spicy and sweet oils has a mood lifting effect when feeling mentally fatigued or stressed. This just maybe one of my favs.

iKOU natural wax candles are renowned for quality and purity, made with 100% natural wax, that is ethically sourced. We hand-pour our natural wax candle glasses in our Studio in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia, offsetting production with solar & wind power.

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